He is a care taking man from next door in the Mahadevapura assembly constituency. He just stands still and listens the problems, issues and concerns of people carefully. This distinct character of Shri Arvind Limbavali has made him a good public servant. He has acquired these finer qualities from student days.

Arvind Limbavali started his social activity as RSS worker in 70s and consequently as a student leader in ABVP in the early 80s. He was ABVP state joint secretary for six years from 1986. In 1987 he was convener of Karnataka State Polytechnic Action Committee to fight against the problems of polytechnic education. His conviction to bring change in education through students and youth movement made him a popular leader.

By then there were various polytechnics which had mushroomed throughout Karnataka, characterized by bad infrastructure and education system, many students felt exploited.

Arvind Limbavali immediately plunged into the student’s movement and fought against the depraved education system. The whole state was shocked when he brought out the report delineating the deplorable conditions of hundreds of polytechnics. In the popular Kannada weekly magazine ‘Sudha’, where an article portrayed about the poor conditions of these polytechnic institutions and brought it to the notice of the public and the Government is now a history. His fight against the Engineering education system is also noteworthy.

Arvind Limbavali was instrumental in organizing the massive rally ‘Save Campus’ in 1992. More than lakh students participated in this rally in which more than 120 demands were put before the state Government to improve the education condition. The rally in terms of its size and number is still a national record.

By then, Arvind Limbavali was one of the national secretaries of ABVP. He actively participated in ‘Save Kashmir” movement. He continued his struggle for student community as the state secretary of ABVP. After decades long service to the student and youth community, on the advice of party elders he joined the BJP in 1995.

Joining BJP: A new journey

Initially, Arvind Limbavali was assigned to take up the responsibility of BJP Yuva Morcha as general secretary. However, soon party felt his necessity and assigned him greater responsibility in BJP as state secretary. Arvind Limbavali spent 12 years in the post and put efforts to build the party from the village to state capital. He has the distinction of being the only general secretary, who was also in charge of Organization, election management, Political affairs, Media management which made him understand the complexities of the society. During the same period he also served as National executive member of the BJP.

Limbavali’s well accepted character in the party from all corners had brought him the membership of the legislative council in 2004. He won Mahadevapura assembly segment in 2008. Since then, gaining public support, responding to their basic needs and fulfilling their aspiration has created history.

Representative of people’s voice and a cabinet minister

His born fighter instinct is intact, even though he is an MLA and minister. He has fought against the problems of Mahadevapura and has always won!

Experience of more than a decade of leading youth movements, later many years of active and decisive politics and experience in legislative council – all these have significantly contributed to Arvind Limbavali to win the Mahadevapura constituency and be a successful MLA.

Another nature of Arvind Limbavali which is hardly seen in the public is that he never forgets the issues brought to his notice. He follows them up on a regular basis, but never utters it to the public! They would only come to know after the problem is fixed. A man down to earth follows “to the point philosophy”, never believes in wasting time. His workaholic attitude displays records of all the developmental works he has undertaken. They are classified on a ward basis. People can always get detailed information about any project without exercising “Right to Information”!

As minister for Higher Education minister, Arvind Limbavali gave a new dimension to the education system in the two years of his tenure. However, he never ignored the development of his constituency even when he was busy as a minister. A mandatory visit to the constituency, inspection of developmental works, reaching out to people’s issues- This is a typical day in the life of Arvind Limbavali.

While he was the Education Minister of Karnataka, he took bold decision to create awareness about Terrorism in the youth and organized several movements against it. The slogan” Fight terrorism, Save the Nation” echoed throughout Karnataka. The last rally which took place in Bangalore on February 28th 2009 attracted lakhs of students. Various dignitaries of India and Karnataka prepared the youth for taking an oath to protect our country and called for unity to fight against terrorism. Limbavali proved that the education department need not only conduct exams but can also teach lessons of love for your society and country.

Very recently, Arvind Limbavali has been assigned a new responsibility. He is a new Health minister in the reshuffled Karnataka cabinet. Even Health ministry started benefiting from his pro-people attitude.

Arvind Limbavali’s personality does need any over statements. This book is enough to talk about Limbavali’s achievements, his vision for development, his commitment to quality education, health and the initiatives he has taken to ensure it.

There is a saying, a true leader, who is not racing for power or position will always have sparkling self-confidence. Limbavali is one such leader. His self-confidence is his road ahead and people’s blessings are the leading lamps to him.

What else do you need to achieve great goals?